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About Us

Who We Are


Let me take some time

to tell you a bit I have been working with kids both as a volunteer and in regular employment for over 15 years from Day Cares, Boys and Girls Clubs, Children’s Museumes, YMCA, Babysitting, Church Youth Groups, and of course Having Children of my own what not a better way to know what children love then to have children of your own.

I started this business a short time ago just buying one costume for my one son’s Birthday Party and before I knew it one turned into two, two turned into three and so on. Then I started doing some shows for Friends and Family and before I knew it the company was off to a running start without even knowing it. I am not in business to become rich or to put others out of business. Instead I am here to make enough money to help support my family like everyone else and to provide a wide range of entertainment services at a value price. 

I love this work to be able to see a smile on a child’s face when they see their favorite character come to visit them or when they bounce in our bounce houses is priceless and more rewarding then anything in this world. Remember a smile is worth a thousand words and is priceless! 

When I started this business I promised myself I would never become greedy that’s why myself and my employees have agreed to do various volunteer shows for Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. To me the smile on those kids faces could not and will never make up for any amount of payment in this world. With the support of the shows we do for our regular customers this allows me to continue to provide entertainment and last wishes in some cases to these children with no cost to them or their family’s and we and all the children thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for helping us to be able to do that!

Thank You,



Our Mission

To provide a one of a kind

and wide variety of a entertainment venue services including but not limited to the following; Characters, Bounce Houses, Santa, Easter Bunny, Concessions, DJ Services, Karaoke Services, Face Painting, Clowns, Camera Services, Video Services, Photo Show’s, Balloon Animals, Helium Balloons, Stuffed Animal Balloons, Games, Professional Photos, Outdoor Movie Screens, and more.

To provide entertainment and services at a valuable low price with out putting quality at risk. To offer a Low Price Guarantee and to beat the price of any local company in the industry with any written service offer that offers the same services. (See Ownership for Details and Policy)

To offer priority, superior, and the number one company in Customer Service. Where we will go above and beyond for our Customer.

To strive to get every guest no matter the age to get involved in the fun. “Remember act like a kid while you can, your never to old or young to have fun.” 

Hiring nothing but the best, friendly, out going and courtesy staff in the market that are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

To provide Volunteer Services for those in Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and Hospice of Buffalo Children’s Network. 

We want to Thank You in advance for taking the time out to check our company out and we look forward to providing you quality entertainment  in the future. If there is anything we can do to further assist you please feel free to contact me directly through out “contact us” section.